Stuck in the Picture #8 Lujza Fekete

Let’s start with a small presentation who is Lujza Fekete?

A curious kid. Let my photos and poems speak for me.

When did you start taking pictures? Do you remember what it felt like?

If you would go through our old family albums you would either see me holding camera or my dad’s beer. Guess some things never change haha. My dad always borrowed me his cameras since I was little and let me capture my point of view. He even gave me my first analogue, which  I   use until this day. But the main point was when I met my professor Matúš Zajac, who introduced me to the colorful palette of black and white photography and showed me power in eyes, intimacy and visual image composition. He taught me to always be a step forward and be predatory about getting that one shot. That was definitely a breaking point when I fell in love with photography. 

Which authors have influenced you? If there are any. They don’t have to be photographers, they can be directors, writers, comic book authors, musicians..

Osho has definitely gave me the knowledge of concentration and fully perceive the moment. Cobain gave me the rave and the unstoppable fire in me. Like I say : vivir rapido respirar lento.

If you could photograph out of context, where would you like to do it? 

I would teleport myself into the interwar period of America. I’m fascinated by the fashion, cars, jazz bars, women and their magnificence in that period of time. But just for a few days haha.

Is photography some kind of receptive propeller for you? When you have the camera with you do you feel “different”? If yes, how.

Untouchable. For me, camera is my kind of weapon. Bullets are my thoughts and pictures are my victims. What a beautiful world would we live in if everyone would picture the meaning of bullets like me.

Tell me the last time you got scared.

Probably the last time I saw the news. We live in a cold world.  World where people create flying cars and still don’t understand the power of love and beauty of all cultures. World where are robots instead of people but man kissing a man is scary. People should dance and plant more. Realize that tolerance is sexy. I see photographers as revolutionaries who materialize the history. So that’s why it’s very important to mention the truth. I just want to leave a better world for my niece.

A photo you’re particularly fond of? Show it to us.

There’s you, there’s people around you, and then there’s the urges.  Your pictures look like they’re moved by them. In a way, taking pictures, you channel all the impulses in one direction, do you think so? 

Yes. 110%. All the impulses are going into that one shot. In that moment, whole world freezes and time is very relative. Nothing exists for me just my object through the view-finder. But paradoxically, when I see the final pictures afterwards I can go back to that moment - smell,hear and feel the surroundings of the particular picture I shot. 

Tell me an anecdote, something curious that happened while you were shooting. 

Some days ago I was shooting campagne for jewelry , especially pearls. The photoshoot took place in a very showy marble bathroom. Model was naked in this white satin rope hung by white pearls. The only thing you could hear were drops of rain fell on the windows. I was so carried away by the moment, feeling like I was on some kind of a palace in completely different time zone. Then I came out of the bathroom, shocked that there’s TV and coffeemaker haha. The power of photography and imagination is unspeakable.

One or more obsessions. If you have any.

listening to music on the highest volume, exploring new places, smoking in rain, silently enjoying sunsets, drinking black coffee with ice even if it’s snowing outside and the biggest one - the excitement of seeing freshly developed film.

Thanks for the talk!

Thanks to you who have read this far! 

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