Stuck is an upcoming risograph publication of l'Atelier_Riso_Graphique by Edition Bessard . The one and only happy publisher. Created by Thibault Geffroy

Stuck will be an exhibition to be held in Rome from October 15th at Palazzo Brancaccio, hosted and curated by Giacomo Guidu creator and curator of Contemporary Cluster in collaboration with Perimetro.

Stuck will be a catalog a bit different from the usual, published by NFC Edizioni.
But above all, Stuck is my mid-term project that served as a container for Brown is a lazy black, and can now close (so to speak) definitively on itself.
Getting stuck in a state of mind and pursuing the results. Getting stuck, locking oneself in (or out), mutinying, believing.
Stuck is a visual diary set up as a sort of modular cut-up; A visit without a guide and no caption;
evading the pitfalls of the staging preparatory to the solution or escaping from the lie is the right and proper thing to do, as well as clearly inapplicable.

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