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Stuck Risograph By Edition Bessard - Signed Copies.

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Last 5 copies signed by the ar5tist.

Stuck Risograph version -limited edition 200 copies, part of collection l'Atelier_Riso_Graphique N•10 by Edition Bessard.

Home-printed in Paris with love & risographic process, designed by french graphic designer Thibault Geffroy.
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Stuck is my mid-term project that served as a container for Brown is a lazy black, and can now close (so to speak) definitively on itself.
Getting stuck in a state of mind and pursuing the results. Getting stuck, locking oneself in (or out), mutinying, believing.
Stuck is a visual diary set up as a sort of modular cut-up; A visit without a guide and no caption;
evading the pitfalls of the staging preparatory to the solution or escaping from the lie is the right and proper thing to do, as well as clearly inapplicable.

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