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Innocent Clerk Vol. I - Ye Zeng yi Li 李也曾一 Rare signed copy on the back of one of his polaroid 4x5.

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Innocent Clerk Vol.I by Ye Zeng yi Li 李也曾一 Rare signed copy on the back of one of his polaroid. 4x5.

First Publication of LatoPaper, an Independent publishing house focused on contemporary multidisciplinarity. Started by Cloro and Insect Panic.

52 pages, a5 size. Cover printed on Fedrigoni  Acquerello Avorio (FSC) 240gr

Black and white photo inside printed on matte coated 150gr

Out of run, (Run of 100 sold out)

I write these words at work because it seems that I can concentrate better when I'm at work. I live in Beijing, a gray city in my mind. Why Do I Say This? Because when I was in middle school, I read a picture book. There was a collage artist on it. He liked to use cloth and ink. He used these materials, perhaps because he was influenced by Chinese ink painting, or perhaps because he was born in a coal-producing city.I started to study art in middle school. I like painting very much, but it's hard for me to meet the requirements of exams. I always wanted something different. 

I was a soldier in Tibet after I graduated from college, and when I came back, I took a job arranged by the government. There is a river on the edge of my house. I like to play there when I was at school. Now I go to see it and I am in a daze. Sometimes I take some photos. On top of that, I take the subway to work seven days a week, five days a week, sit in my office, make up things that don't exist, imagine adventure stories in my mind, and then take the subway home. This is my life after the army. 

Sometimes on weekends I would take some pictures, other times I would just go somewhere else and spend an entire afternoon on the internet peeping into other people's lives and masturbating. At night my friends and I go out to the street or bar to take pictures of the crowd at night. I use a 4x5 camera to take pictures in public places is exciting to me, it seems that I can only really see a person in the dim viewfinder. Just one or two, of course. The year before last, a friend of mine gave me a copy of the Buddhist sutra. I could read and recite it. It was in my cluttered room. 

There was semen on the floor, and there were pictures of me on the table. I didn't bother to tidy them up, there was a special chair with Buddhist sutras on it that I wanted to read before I went to bed. I closed my eyes for another week. This is my life. And my photography.  

Zeng yi Li 李也曾一

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